Ronald Mushinski, Welding Teacher


Photo Courtesy of Ronald Mushinski

Amanda Brown, Editor-In-Chief

“I have welded since high school and college and I’ve spent a lot of time in the oil field. I really enjoy welding. I like helping the kids learn the art of welding and it’s great to see kids take the next step to technical school to learn more or become certified. Qualified welders are in high demand in the industry and it’s a great career option for interested students.

I’d recommend welding to any MCHS student that is interested. Even if you decide not to weld as a career, it is a really good side gig and skill to add to your resume. You never know when you’ll need it. In addition to teaching, I have used welding to build and fix numerous projects from pipelines to trailers, and it affords me the ability to create and fix various items on the family farm and at home. “