Mayde Creek band members perform in Region Band concerts


photo by Diego Cortez

Front Row: Hanna Khazaeipool, Nick Silva, Monica Arrambide, Nathan Hernandez, Evan Castillo Back Row: Hannah Zenn, Gustavo Juarez, Jack Daggett, Dane Magruder (not pictured: Matthew Gomez)

Samuel Oladejo, Editor-in-Chief

Ten Mighty Ram Band students performed in the Region Band concerts Jan. 18 and 19. They had to qualify for Region Band by auditioning Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

The students earned chairs that placed them into the Wind Symphony, Symphonic, or Freshman Band—Wind Symphony ranking the highest.

“They usually split [auditions] into two days,” senior Monica Arrambide said. “Phase one is Friday, and then phase two is Saturday unless you have an instrument that doesn’t have a lot of people.”

Students who auditioned were given three etudes in August to practice and improve by the end of November. They then participated in blind auditions in order to place high enough for a seat in one of the region bands.

“The students are assigned a letter and seated behind a curtain,” band director James Dolnik said. “Then they play for the judges. They all go head to head against each other, and the highest score wins.”

Auditioning freshmen can choose to compete against all auditioners or only other freshmen. Freshmen who choose the second option have a different set of audition music but work just as hard as upperclassmen to secure a spot in Freshman Band.

“I prepared by practicing as much as I could and playing my region music whenever I got the chance,” freshman Hannah Zenn said. “My older brother was my director and he helped tutor me at playing my instrument.”

Aside from getting into the band, students worked to place high within each band. The top players within Wind Symphony qualified to audition at the area level Jan. 12 for a chance to play with the All-State band at a convention which begins Feb. 13. Senior Dane Magruder qualified at his All-State audition.

“This year I’ve been busy with other stuff like college applications and essays, so I didn’t have much time, but thankfully I pulled through,” Magruder said.

Dolnik said the hard work of the students is what caused their success.

“We usually have between five and ten [region qualifiers], and this year we had ten, so it’s a little better year than normal,” Dolnik said. “Their dedication and work is what does it.”