Katy Times is no longer covering certain schools in Katy


The Katy Times editor-in-chief was contacted after the sports editor would not respond.

Jazmyn Cameron, Staff Writer

Katy Times is decreasing sports coverage for certain Katy ISD high schools, specifically Mayde Creek, Taylor and Morton Ranch.

After getting no response for comment from the Katy Times Sports Editor, the Rampage contacted Editor-in-Chief Terry Schaub who said that there were not enough subscribers in these areas to cover these schools at the level they had before.

“We had to cut back,” Schaub said. “There are only 18 subscribers to our newspaper in the Mayde Creek area. That’s the answer. We are covering them to some degree but not as much as before.”

Schaub said the decision was based on limited staff and lack of revenue from subscriptions in the Mayde Creek area.

“We don’t have the resources to do it,” Schaub said.  “But the residents out there don’t make it easy when only 18 people subscribe.”  

Mayde Creek athletes feel there’s more to Schaub’s reasoning for the coverage withdrawal than just subscriptions.

“We’re not that good when it comes to sports, so people tend to ignore us,” sophomore L’Den Skinner said.

Skinner plays football and baseball. He believes the Katy Times might not be covering MCHS due to financial bias. Mayde Creek’s median household income is $57,791 compared to Katy’s $73,865 and Cinco Ranch’s $141,992 according to niche.com.

“We’re on the lower end of the totem pole when it comes to financial issues, and we are a lower income school than all the other ones, so they aren’t really worried about us too much,” Skinner said.

While the Katy Times did not comment on this issue specifically, there is still speculation regarding other factors.