Mayde Creek Theater Company receives awards during competition season


photo by Logan Johnson

MCHS Theater Company stands holding their first place award after the District competition

Andrew Brown, Staff Writer

MCHS Theater Company received first place in the UIL One Act Play (OAP) District competition at Morton Ranch High School on March 9. Three of their leads received the All-Star Cast award, and the play advanced to Bi-Districts.

The company competed in Bi-Districts March 23 not advancing. Preparations for the competitions were extensive and conducted before and after school hours prior to the competition.

“We rehearse a lot,” theater director Morgan Gardiner said. “For each show, about 100 hours or more of rehearsal goes into each project.  We also have to make sure everything is perfect, because the audiences and judges see everything.”

At Districts, junior Zoe Rhodes received the Outstanding Technician award, and seniors Glendaliris Torres-Greaux, Samuel Oladejo and Andrew Holland all made All-Star Cast. At Bi-Districts, senior Brooke Chippi won Outstanding Technician, and senior Mariana Velandia and junior Danie Flores both won the Honorable Mention award. Torres-Greaux also won All-Star Cast at Bi-Districts.

“It’s a lot of mental work, you have to get into the mindset of a character,” Holland said. “Especially since the story was taking place in Russia in a time where there were still counts and countesses and still social classes, and men and women were different based on sex. Women couldn’t do certain things that men could do, so you had to study different things.”

Holland himself played a character that required knowledge of the law of the time period the act took place in.

“I  played an officer so I had to stand a certain way, look a certain way, talk a certain way, compared to someone who was a railroad worker or his wife,” Holland said.

Students gained experience and knowledge from preparing for the competition and competing itself, and the company attends this event every year.

“We are getting better as it goes along,” sophomore Zavier LeBlanc said. “We advanced last year for the first year, and we advanced this year. I learned a lot of tech things and to put a lot of emotions into my acting.”

As well as OAP success, the theater company also received four Tommy Tune Award nominations for its musical production of Legally Blonde Jan. 24-26.

“The Legally Blonde [rehearsal] process was very tiring,” senior and leading actress Parker Munsey said. “I had a lot of difficult costume changes such as the change into a completely different dress on stage during Omigod You Guys.”

The company received a nomination for best costumes as well as three individual nominations: Torres-Greaux for Best Supporting Actress, Oladejo for Best Supporting Actor, and Parker Munsey for Best Leading Actress.

“When I found out I got a Tommy Tune nomination, I was really shocked and excited,” Munsey said. “I can’t wait to perform at the Hobby Center.”

The Tommy Tune Awards will take place April 30 at the Hobby Center. Members of the theater company said they’ve gained much from this year’s experience. Even the director learned something to better prepare for next year as well as advice to give to current and future students.

“Cross all T’s and dot all I’s,” Gardiner said. “Always make sure you feel it in your gut.  Trust your instincts, and give the audience a great show!”