Sports editor Dennis Silva joins Katy Times staff to bring back full sports coverage to Katy ISD schools


The Katy Times hired Dennis Silva II as sports editor.

Jazmyn Cameron, Staff Writer

Dennis Silva II, 2001 Mayde Creek graduate, is back at the Katy Times and will be bringing back coverage of all Katy ISD sports teams.

“Katy is my hometown, and I really wanted to eventually return,” Silva said. “Fortunately, I was blessed with a great opportunity to do so last week.”

Silva was a writer for Katy Times from Jan. 2017 to Aug. 2018 before he switched over to Vype magazine as a sports reporter and was a freelancer for a few months. He took newspaper his junior year of high school and was encouraged by his advisor, Shetye Cypher, to stick to sports writing. Wanting to return to his hometown, he was granted an opportunity when a position at Katy Times opened.

“I came back to the Katy Times once I saw there was an opening there after the previous sports editor had left,” Silva said. “I had worked at the paper from January 2017 through August 2018 before leaving for another job. But I always loved working for the paper.”

When word got around that there would be less coverage for some Katy ISD schools (Mayde Creek, Taylor and Morton Ranch High school), there was backlash from the communities.

The communities of Mayde Creek, Morton Ranch and Taylor have great success stories in athletics, with their teams and players and coaches,” Silva said. “Of course I understood why they were upset. I felt for them, particularly having been a Mayde Creek graduate of 2001.”

He was proud to announce his return and that he would be covering all Katy ISD sports teams.

“I will be covering all schools. I was assured when I interviewed for this job that that would not be a problem,” Silva said. “It was a problem I knew I desperately wanted to rectify, and I intend to cover all eight Katy ISD public schools fairly and accordingly.”