Mayde Creek Participates in Superintendent’s Student Leadership Circle


Photo Courtesy of KatyISD

Anthony Cepeda, Staff Writer

Among the hundreds of classrooms and thousands of students who walk Mayde Creek, there are 15 different student organizations that offer students the opportunity to come together and explore similar interests. The top leaders of these groups were invited to sit down with each other and Principal Ronnie Edwards for the first time on September 18.  

Principal Edwards envisioned that even though only a few leaders were at the table with him, they represented the student body as a whole.  From the voices of presidents and captains of wrestling, swimming, yearbook and so forth, he could hear new ideas that can greatly benefit everyone, students and staff alike.  

Principal Edwards explained, “High School is a laboratory for what you will see in life. It’s preparing you for what you’ll see in the real world. It will ready you.” 


With the goal of improving life at Mayde Creek, organizational leaders took the opportunity to discuss many topics, which include new ways to battle foot traffic in the halls or whether or not to create large events for students to show their spirit. 

“It’s a great atmosphere,” said Senior Rommell Williams, who represented football. “It’s good to see the leaders of the school come together for all the students of the school.” 

Student Council and other specially selected students will also be working with one another to brainstorm changes for the campus. 

Junior Angelica Cruz attended as a representative of cross country. “I hope [the program works]. Personally, I’m unsure how it’ll go unless someone can make real change come soon. It can take time,” she said. 

The Student Leadership meetings are not just a chance for individual students to take credit, as they are being called upon to speak up for their fellow Rams. While some are in leadership positions to promote what their group has to offer, there are others in lesser known clubs who know this is the recognition they need and deserve.  

The Class of 2021 President Anh Nguyen said, “These meetings will provide more chances for students to find something interesting to participate in and support their endeavors for their future.”

          Meetings scheduled for later this Fall will continue the goal of keeping groups informed and productive.