Rams Revel in Historic 5-0 Wins


Giana Delaney

Mayde Creek Rams sink Cinco Ranch Cougars Sept. 27 with a 40 to 14 score. Photo Courtesy of Senior Giana Delaney.

Shirley Fernandez, senior contributing writer

For the first time ever in Mayde Creek High School history, the varsity football team is 5-0. On Sept. 27, the team faced the Cinco Ranch Cougars on the field and came out victorious. 

Hours before the game Mike Rabe stated, “As long as they keep focus, we’ll be fine. The number one goal is to execute,” and that’s exactly what they did. 

Daniel Huery, senior slot receiver, was to first to put six points on the scoreboard. 

Although the team is making their way up the ranking ladder, Huery says, “We are not satisfied. There’s a bigger goal in mind. We want more.”

Throughout the past four years Mayde Creek has had multiple changes to the coaching staff.  “It seems like this might be the dream team,” Rabe said. Kaeron Johnson, defensive coordinator, and Ryan Henry, offensive coordinator, have done something with this program that we have yet to see in almost a decade.  Rabe said that this year’s coaching staff is “very impactful,” and they “live their message.” 

It seems like the message is getting to everyone. 

Huery explained, “Coach Henry knows offense. He knows we have a lot of talent and weapons so he creates plays for everyone to touch the ball and score.”

“We’re more disciplined,” Joseph Kinyock, junior free safety, noted. Kinyock intercepted a pass by the Cougars during the second quarter right before the end of the half. His effort gave the community and team the energy needed for the second half. 

Quickly following the interception, Julius Loughridge scored the third touchdown of the match. Loughridge put up 12 points on the board during the second and third. Huery and senior Jacoby Wilson later scored once again during the third and fourth.

“We have to perform at our highest potential,” Wilson says. 

On a mission to make the term “underdog” extinct, the Mayde Creek football is in the motion of making a name for themselves. . The match versus the Cougars was only the beginning of a long journey. The student section at the game was riled up with competitive spirit and the desire for their team to come out on top. Everyone wants the same result, making the path a little easier.

“This is the revenge tour. We’re taking back everything we let slip out,” Kinyock said.