Parkrose Shooting Stopped by Compassionate Coach


Art credit to Jasmine Garcia (10th) Edit by Amanda Brown(12th)

Amanda "Andy" Brown, Editor In-Chief, Editor-In-Chief

With America’s epidemic with school violence ongoing, including a recent shooting tragedy at a college homecoming dance in Greenville, Texas on Oct. 27, a teacher in Oregon was able to prevent a tragedy.

In Parkrose High School of Portland, Oregon, student Angel Granados-Diaz, 18 at the time, walked into school with a loaded shotgun and in clear mental distress. At the time, the incident did not make the news because no injuries were reported.

Now, in retrospect, the community is calling the Parkrose High School Track and Football Coach Keanon Lowe a hero. First reports said he tackled Granados-Diaz. However, recently released surveillance footage of the event shows a caring embrace between the coach and the upset student.

“I felt compassion for him,” Lowe said. “ A lot of times, especially when you’re young, you don’t realize what you’re doing until it’s over.”

In the video released by CBS Portland affiliate KOIN, the coach is shown not tackling the student, but handing the gun off to another teacher and pulling Granados-Diaz into a comforting hug. The following exchange was also reported.

Granados-Diaz:“Nobody cares about me!” 

Lowe: “I care about you.”

Granados-Diaz:“You do?”

Lowe says that broke his heart, seeing Granados-Diaz raise his head and return his gaze. “I do, bro!” Lowe said. “That’s why I’m here. I got you, buddy.”

 This entire dialogue was reported on twitter by Red Sox beat writer for the Eagle-Tribune and CNHI Sports Boston Chris Mason (Twitter: @ByChrisMason). On Twitter, the video of the encounter went viral with many tweets,thousands of retweets, likes, and responses from a plethora of amazed people.

“Talk about a man with a heart and soul better than most.,” Twitter user BillyHyder replied. “I have seen a couple videos lately that give me hope for humanity. This is one of them. Mr. Lowe is an American hero. An example for all of us to look at. He has my vote for man of the year.”

It is reported that Granados-Diaz was booked on charges of possession of a firearm in a public building, attempting to discharge a firearm at school, reckless endangerment, and possession of a loaded firearm in a public place.

Police say the gun was loaded with one round. The student pleaded guilty to gun charges on Oct. 10 and was handed a 36-month probation sentence. As part of the plea agreement with prosecutors, Granados-Diaz will receive mental health and substance abuse treatment. During his time in probation, he is prohibited from entering school grounds.