2018-2019 Staff

Samuel Oladejo


Samuel Oladejo is a senior and has currently been on staff for three years. He enjoys film making, theater, and writing stories. After high school, he plans to major in film and television production and eventually secure a career ...

Jazmyn Cameron

Staff Writer

Jazmyn Cameron is a sophomore whose hobbies are reading and drawing. Jazmyn has loved to read since the 3rd grade and can't seem to put books down whether they be on her phone or hard copies in her hand. She has also taught h...

Anthony Cepeda

Staff Writer

Anthony Cepeda is a juniorĀ  who enjoys spending time with his friends. His hobbies include reading, drawing, wrestling and of course, his favorite activity of all, sleeping. He has interests in journalism, wrestling and writi...

Andrew Brown

Staff Writer

Andrew Brown is in 11th grade and has been on newspaper staff for two years, and took three years of yearbook classes in junior high. He enjoys naps, art, poetry, philosophy, exploration of human reasoning, music, learning biza...

Steph Medina

Staff Writer

Steph Medina is a senior at Mayde Creek and is currently figuring out what life is truly all about. Steph enjoys reading and writing poetry. She aspires to be a better representation of herself as each day goes by. She tries ...

Patrick Ervine

Staff Writer

A sophomore at Mayde Creek High School, Patrick Ervine generally likes to play video games at home. He is enthusiastic about journalism and likes to write articles.

Katie Frazier


Katie Frazier is in her 16th year of teaching and her 7th year as a student media adviser. She started out teaching elementary school for nine years before opening Seven Lakes Junior High in 2012, where she taught Teen Leadership,...

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